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Mexico 2009-10 Trip Map 1
2009-10 Mexican Trip Plan
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Houston, TX to La Pesca, MX
Mexico Trip Map1
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We plan to leave Houston by 6AM and drive to Harlingen, TX. We will try to cross the border at Los Indios about 1PM and then continue through Valle Hermosa where we can use an ATM to get some Pesos. Then we will travel down MX-180 toward Soto La Marina. If we don't make good time we will stay overnight at a Pemex along the way. If we can get to La Pesca at a reasonable time we may try to reach there.
In any case we plan to stay near the beach at La Pesca for a few days to rest up. We have never been here before so we will do some exploring, hopefully we can get a computer connection to let everyone know how the long day went. We will stay here for a few days.
City City Miles Hours
Houston Harlingen 325 5:45
Harlingen XBorder@Los Indios 15 1:30
Los Indios MX180/101 120 3:00
MX180/101 Soto La Marina 50 1:00
Soto La Marina La Pesca 30 0:45
    545 12:00

11/16/09 Update - Started in Houston 5:00 AM got to Tropicana Resort at La Pesca at 4:45 PM.
Tropicana Resort

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