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Mexico 2009-10 Trip Map 3
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La Pesca or Barra del Tordo, MX to Emerald Coast, MX
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We will probably skip Barra del Tordo on this trip. This will be a long day of driving depending on how things go in Tampico. If we hear that the bypass road is still in bad shape we may go right through the middle of town like we did coming North last year. Once we get to Cerro Azul we expect the roads to be better and we will take the Alamo Bypass and the Cuota (Toll road) that bypasses Poza Rica. We expect to stay at Trailer Park De Alba on the Emerald Coast, north of Vera Cruz. We stayed here twice last year and they have good campsites on the ocean with a nice pool and Wi-Fi. When we got here we see that since Mike (Campground Host) has left there is no Wi-Fi, but luckily another camper (Ron & Kat) have a satellite system.
Trailer Park de Alba
City City Miles Hours
La Pesca Aldama 100 2:00
Or from Barra Del Tordo Aldama 30 1:00
Aldama N. Tampico 70 1:30
N. Tampico S. Tampico 13/22 1:00
S Tampico Cerro Azul 90 1:45
Cerro Azul Emerald Coast 100 2:45
B d T/LaPesca   310/380 8:00/9:00

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