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Mexico 2009-10 Trip Map 7
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Campeche, MX to Celestun/Merida, MX
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Mexico Trip Map 7
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Since we are still travelling along the Campeche coast we plan to visit Celestun, natural biosphere reserve, where all the Pink Flamingos congregate. After our boat tour we will camp in the lot of the tourist center. After Celestun we will head to Merida the big city in the Yucatan. We visited here the first time we toured Mexico in 1986. The city has grown so it will be interesting to see what it's like 23 years later.

Celestun Flamingos
City City Miles Hours
Campeche Celestun 150 4:00
Celestun Merida 60 2:00

Merida Then click Newer Post for 3 posts about Merida, Uxmal & Loltun Cave

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