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Mexico 2009-10 Trip Map 9
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South from Cancun, MX
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Mexico Trip Map 9
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After we get ruined-out we will head to Cancun's MecoLoco Trailer Park. We will stay here for one month but we will fly home for the holidays from 12/17 to 1/03. When we return after the New Year, we will head south on 1/6 along the Mayan Riviera to La Playa campground in Xpu-Ha south of Playa del Carmen.
MecoLoco Trailer Park

See below: Google's Street view of entrance to Mecoloco
Place your mouse pointer on the image below. Hold the left mouse button down and move your mouse. It's like being there! Hmmmm?
Try clicking on the words, "View Larger Map" located below the bottom left corner of the image.
Move your Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out.

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