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Mexico 2014-15 Trip Map 3
2014-15 Trip Plan
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Rio Micos, MX to Emerald Coast, MX
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Mexico Trip Map 3
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We will be on a lot of slow roads today. But the way we plan to travel, through El Higo will allow us to bypass Tampico and their crooked police. We will take the Alamo Bypass and the Cuota (Toll road) that bypasses Poza Rica. We plan to stay at Neptuno Campground on the Emerald Coast, north of Vera Cruz. They are always very friendly & helpful.
Neptuno Pool

City City Miles Hours
Rios Micos Ciudad Valles 20 0:45
Ciudad Valles El Higo 50 1:45
El Higo Alamo Bypass 80 3:00
Alamo Bypass Emerald Coast 100 2:30
Rio Micos Emerald Coast 250 8:00

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