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Mexico 2014-15 Trip Map 7
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Lake Silvituc, MX to Xpu-Ha
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If we made it to Lake Silvituc it should be a short day to Xpu-Ha. We probably will stop at the new Propane place just North of Felipe Carrillo Puerto to top off our propane tank. There is a new bypass on the West side of town, last year it was finished but blocked off, we just went around the barricades. But you need to turn back toward town if you need propane. Then we will stop for groceries in Tulum at the big Chedauri Super Market.

Xpu-Ha Cocktail Hour
City City Miles Hours
Lake Silvituc Bacalar 140 3:15
Bacalar Mahahual Intersectiom - MX307 30 0:40
Mahahual Intersectiom - MX307 Tulum 100 2:10
Tulum Xpu-Ha 15 0:30
Lake Silvituc Xpu-Ha 285 6:35

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