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Mexico 2014-15 Trip Map 2
2014-15 Trip Plan
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Harlingen, TX to Rios Micos, MX
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We plan to leave the Harlingen Wal-Mart at 6:30 AM and cross the border at Los Indios. We will then continue through Valle Hermoso where we can use an ATM to get some Pesos and activate our Internet Wide Band(Banda Ancha) USB Telcel stick. Last year we took MX-180/101 to Ciudad Victoria, the nice freeway MX-83 to MX-81 where the road gets winding to the turn to Ciudad Mante via Xicotencati.The roads were very good so we will try again. If things go well we should make it all the way to the Rios Micos which is west of Ciudad Valles. I hope to catch up with Tom McEwan and his Mexico kayak trips and paddle with his guides in between his trips Liquid Adventures Mexico Kayak Trips
From City To City Miles Hours
Harlingen XBorder@Los Indios 15 0:45
Los Indios MX180/101 Intersection 120 3:00
MX180/101 Intersection MX101/83 Interchange 75 1:30
MX101/83 Interchange MX83/81 to Xicotencati turn 60 1:05
Xicotencati turn on MX-81 Ciudad Mante 35 1:00
Ciudad Mante Ciudad Valles 55 1:30
Ciudad Valles Rios Micos 20 0:35
Harlingen Rios Micos 380 9:15

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Rio Micos

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