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2011-12 Mexican Trip Plan
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Catemaco, MX to Palenque Junction, MX
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After we leave the Catemaco area we will head through Villahermosa. This year we decided we will skip heading North to Isla Aquada so we can have a little more time in Mahahual. So we will take MX-186 from Villahermosa to just past the MX-199 turn to Palenque. If you have never visited the Mayan ruins in Palenque, we recommend that you drive South to the Maya Bell campground just outside the ruins. Since we have visited the ruins, we will just stay at Pemex #E07095 where he have stayed twice before. There is a motel with a large truck parking lot next to the 24hr Pemex. Road has a lot of construction work going on, so we will press on to the next Pemex about 1:45 min down the road toward Escarcega. This will make tomorrow's drive shorter.

City City Miles Hours
Catemaco Acayucan 55 2:00
Acayucan Villahermosa 140 3:00
Villahermosa MX186-MX199 Pemex #E07095 72 2:15
Catemaco MX186-MX199 Pemex 287 7:15

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