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Mexico 2011-12 Trip Map 4
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2011-12 Mexican Trip Plan
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Emerald Coast, MX to Catemaco, MX
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We will travel South bypassing Vera Cruz, then travel along the coast to the highlands and the two Tuxtla's. After stocking up at a Soriana, a Mexican Supermarket, we will head to Hotel Tepetapan Campground. We hope to be here by Thanksgiving Day when Gene & Gaby put on a great pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner.
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Look for this turn just South of main intersection into Catemaco
The place is very nice and includes a swimming pool. It is an easy walk to the town and it's nice restaurants. The only thing I don't like is that there is no easy lake access for my kayak.

Tepetapan Campground - 2 RV's
City City Miles Hours
Emerald Coast S. Veracruz 100 3:00
S. Veracruz Catemaco 100 3:00
Emerald Coast Catemaco 200 6:00

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2010 Catemaco Blog Then click Newer Post for 2 posts about Catemaco

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