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Mexico 2010-11 Trip Map 5
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Isla Aquada, MX to Majahual, MX
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We probably will head for the beach town of Mahahual after a few days at Isla Aquada. The cruise ship people call his port "The Mayan Riviera", I hope we are not inudated by the "boat people". The roads have been good going this way in the past so we feel we should make it in about 7 hours. If we don't make good time we will stop in Bacalar. If we are not happy with Mahahual we will head further down the road to Xcalak to see what changes are happening there.
John out for a short paddle
City City Miles Hours
Isla Aquada Escarcega 77 2:00
Escarcega Bacalar 173 3:30
Bacalar Mahahual 65 1:45
    315 7:15

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