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Mexico 2010-11 Trip Map 3
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Catemaco, MX to Isla Aquada, MX
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Mexico Trip Map 4
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After we leave the Catemaco area we will head through Villahermosa, then North along the Bay of Campeche to Freedom Shores Campground on Isla de Aguada. Don't forget when you pass Frontera and cross into state of Campeche they may search for illegal items; Chicken, Pork, Eggs, Citrus fruit could all be confiscated

Freedom Shores Campground
City City Miles Hours
Catemaco Acayucan 55 1:50
Acayucan Villahermosa 140 3:20
Villahermosa Isla de Aguada 135 3:50
    330 9:00

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