Trailer Park de Alba

Our first day was cool and cloudy but it cleared later in the day. We had a few nighttime showers. In the morning we took a long beach walk. I was surprised that there was very little debris on the beach. The waves were big and churned up a lot of sand so that the ocean looked murky. After our walk I decided to wash all the dirt from the RV that I picked up in our short two hour ride from the last campground. It now looks new again.

Our camp is very quiet with only a few campers staying here. The one family moved out on Sunday morning. They have a huge fifth wheel toy hauler and are travelling with their 5 kids. They are on their way to Belize for the winter.

We have beautiful blue skys this morning, so we are off on our morning beach walk. We walked for about 1 1/2 hrs and saw only about 10 people on the beach. Temps are in the low 70’s at 8 AM.

The campground must have only one 15 amp circuit for all the campers. I installed a electrical protection system which monitors voltage and turns off the power if it above 132 volts or below 104 volts. The camp has about 134v, when no one is using the power. This morning when I turned on my 750 watt waffle iron, the voltage dropped from 124v to 106v. If you want to run your microwave you need to run your generator. Other than that we really like the camp. Mike the manager is from the USA and we have an ocean front lot.