Corona arrived Tuesday for a 4 day commercial shoot.

Corona shoots all their commercials on Xpu-Ha beach. This year they are way down the end past the Esencia Hotel. Here is my Last Year’s Blog about their shoot with links to the actual commercials.

Here are the story boards and actors for this year. They are shooting 3 commercials at this location and one back at last year’s location.  Click any picture for a bigger view.




Peggy on the beach by the shoot. The actors are resting in the shade awaiting their call.



The real star is of course the beer. The bottles and the cans.

There are two guys whose job is to prepare the bottles with simulated foam on top. Simulated icy sweat on the outside of the bottles.


They are introducing a new can design this year.


Ready for Action

Last minute makeup LastMinuteMakeup

Now get those extras walking down the beach.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some action shots.

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