And I Feel Like I Gotta Travel On

 We rode our bikes a lot since there is a nice 4 mile section of paved highway with little or no traffic heading past Punta Sam down Isla Blanca. The only thing we ever see on the road, except for the beautiful scenery of flowers and a world class golf course, are other bikers and a driving school taking new drivers down the road. The little used road starts about two miles from the campground and makes a nice early morning ride, since temperatures get up into the high 80’s every day. The rest of the time we are either getting in a lot of book reading or sitting in the shade on the beach. I also found that I could ride 2 1/2 miles in the other direction using gravel roads with no cars and a short stretch down a city street to a Bodega Aurrera grocery store which is owned by Wal-Mart.


But we think it’s time to move along. We are tired of listen to the barking dogs here each night. We plan to go South back though Cancun and shop at Sam’s club then either boondock at Punta Beta just North of Playa Del Carmen or go back to Acamaya Reef Campground which was right on a really nice beach. Then who knows, it depends on when we get bored again, but we do have Merida in our itinerary. It’s been 23 years since we were there and I think it has grown into a large city.

“We played around and stayed around this old town too long” the words of an old song, so now it’s time for “On the Road Again”. We have been back at MecoLoco Trailer Park for a whole week. The time flew by and we really didn’t do all that much.