Xpu-Ha, MX

We got an early 6 AM start from Xcalak. with 90 miles of good road back to the main highway, MX-307. MX-307 alternates from a very good four lane divided highway to two narrow lanes through miles of construction but the traffic was light and we got to Tulum before lunch time. We filled up on drinking water and gasoline and took a look at the camping possibilities near the Mayan ruins. The white sand beach and turquoise water looked great including all the young women in bikinis. However, the camping for an RV looked bad with all the soft sand and lack of room, so we passed and drove a little more North to an area called Xpu-Ha.

La Playa Campsite

There are two campgrounds here; La Playa and Bonanza. La Playa was full but had one very tight campsite that we could squeeze our small RV into. Most of the people stay here all winter and were very friendly. They said that the Bonanza campground had no sewers and water but a little electricity and was only $8/nt vs. $15/nt at La Playa . We decided to stay with the friendly campers.

The electric hookup here looks like an accident waiting to happen. I had to run my own ground wire, the voltage varies from 100-135 volts, depending on whether your neighbor runs his A/C or not and I don’t think they have any fuses or circuit breakers.

The beach here is also beautiful white sand which was great for morning beach walks. It is about 1-1/2 mi. long and has one small all-inclusive resort and a couple of resorts that were out of business. The two camps have scuba diving, kite boarding, kayak, ski-doo rentals and a few gift shops and a restaurant. I think they bring cruise ship passengers here to spend the day as we are only 17 mi south of Playa Del Carmen.

We left on Saturday morning to shop at Playa Del Carmen and camp at Palmul. Next we will go to Puerto Morelos.

Map – Xcalak toward Cancun