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Mexico 2013-14 Trip Map 8B
2013-14 Trip Plan
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After Xpu-Ha our plan is to drive back to the USA border which usually takes 3-4 days. We have not heard of any banditos or drug people stopping RV's up near Brownsville but others are recommending the center route through Laredo instead. We must decide on whether to take the fast Eastern route home or the mountain route to Puebla which is 100 extra miles of driving and $100 more dollars in tolls.
1 night near Villahermosa
1 night near San Juan del Rio after Arco Norte Bypass
1 night near Laredo using Cuota route through Satillo to Laredo
For coastal route through Los Indios
Go to Coastal Trip Plan A for maps & time/mileage charts,
1 night near Cerro Azul
1 night north through Tampico to Los Indios

Cross the border stop in TX

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Xpu-Ha to Villahermosa
Mexico Trip Map 14_1
City City Miles Hours
Xpu-Ha Bacalar 150 3:30
Bacalar Escarcega 175 3:45
Escarcega MX186-MX199 120 2:45
MX186-MX199 Villahermosa 80 1:40
Totals Day 1 525 11:40

Villahermosa to Arco Norte
Mexico Trip Map 14_2b
City City Miles Hours
Villahermosa Acayucan 140 2:50
Acayucan S of Veracruz 145 3:00
S of Veracruz Near Pueble-Cholula 125 3:00
Near Pueble-Cholula Near San Juan del Rio 145 2:45
Totals Day 2 555 11:35
Near Arco Norte to Laredo
Mexico Trip Map 14_3b
City City Miles Hours
Near San Juan del Rio San Luis Toll Plaza 145 3:00
San Luis Toll Plaza Matehuala 120 2:30
Matehuala Laredo 335 6:30
Totals Day 3 600 12:00

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