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Mexico 2012-13 Trip Map 6
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Pemex E03580, MX to Xpu-ha, MX
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We changed our plans. We were originally going to stop at Mahahual for 3-7 days. We heard that Xpu-Ha campground was starting to fill up, it only has 10-12 sites at best. We decided to drive right though to Xpu-Ha after filling with Propane and doing a shopping trip at Tulum

Xpu-Ha Cocktail Hour
City City Miles Hours
Pemex #E03580 Escarcega 40 1:00
Escarcega Bacalar 173 3:45
Bacalar Felipe Carrillo Puerto 65 1:30
Felipe Carrillo Puerto Xpu-Ha 80 2:00
Pemex #E03580 Xpu-Ha 363 8:15

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