Plan to leave on November 12th – 2009-2010 Mexico Trip

Peggy’s Parathyroid surgery was successful. Hopefully her Calcium levels will now stay in the normal range.  We are having our BIG 50th Wedding Anniversary party with the family on 11/7, our actual anniversary date. We are packing our RV already and if the weather is good from Cleveland to Houston we will leave on Thursday 11/12. 

One thought on “Plan to leave on November 12th – 2009-2010 Mexico Trip

  1. Hi, sounds like you two are having a great life. I just stumbled on your site and find it very interesting. We are Canadian's, living in a 1995 c class rv that we purchased 2 mths ago. My husband works from home for a company in Tampa,FL. They wanted us to come down to head office for 3 ths for further traning, so we thought rving would be the best way. I really enjoy. We are staying at Sanlan rv park in Lakeland, FL as no place close to Tampa would accept our German Shepherd in there park.(even though she's a big pussy cat).But this park is great. It's very roomy and lots of nature trails which Nakita luvs because of all the squirels.(please don't say that word out load) Anyway, your trip sounds very interesting and it is what we hope to do in the near future. Please keep us up to date……..juanita

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