Jekyll Island Bike Ride

1-Jekyll Bike Ride

After a rainy night in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Savannah we only had a short 90 mile drive to Jekyll Island, GA.. We got here at 9:15 AM and there were plenty of available campsites. It is the only campground on this 2 x 8 mile island but it not only has full hookups but it has good fast wireless internet and cable TV.

However the weather on Thursday was the worst of our trip so far. It was a warm 77oF but it rained all day. We got in a lot of rest. Finally on Friday morning, all the rain was gone and we had bright blue skies.2-Views of the Bay 

There are over 25 miles of paved bike trails, several golf course and many hotels and homes on the island. The island was purchased by a group of multi-millionaires in 1900 before they discovered Palm Beach, FL. The club was abandoned during World War II when German submarines were spotted nearby.

The Historic District still has the big hotel and many of the huge cottages which have been restored to former grandeur. The island is still a quiet place without a lot of nightlife. There are lots of natural areas and beaches which are probably nice in the Summer. They were cool and windy today.

3a-Jekyll Island Club Hotel

4a- Croquet.

We saw a group playing croquet at the Island Club Hotel, I guess that’s what you do when you are all dressed in your whites.

Cherokee Cottage

Today I decided to try to take pictures with my new cell phone. I still not smart enough to have figured out how to do most things with this Smart Phone but they don’t look too bad.

The picture on the left is a small Villa, which has been restored, it is called the Cherokee Cottage. It is now rented for meetings or weddings. It is typical of the homes the early founders built to be near their club.6-Atlantic Ocean

The last part of our 10 mile bike ride took us along the Eastern beaches where most of the hotels are.

It was a very windy day and Peggy didn’t like finishing up fighting the wind while riding along the Atlantic beach.

The sunny skies kept us warm even though the temperature was only 70oF.

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