Heading for the Swamp on Sunday

JohnBike2We woke up to a much cloudier day with some rain predicted this afternoon and tonight. After that a big cold front is forecast to come in and drop the low temperature to near freezing on Tuesday morning.
We decided to take another bike ride early before any rain arrives. We rode over to see the big fishing pier near the campground at Clam Creek.


We then headed back to the Historic District where you can read about how the Island was settled and visit their free museum which included a short movie.

The map below shows the original town.JekyllHistoricDistrict (Custom)
Peggy couldn’t find anything to buy in the little gift shops.
We decided to head to what looked like a new shopping area near the Convention Center on the windy eastern side of the island. Most of the stores looked closed for the season.
We decided to bike back the way we came rather than fight the wind, so today we biked 13 miles. Peggy is getting stronger on her bike.

Map1 - SC to FL[3]
If you recall, this summer, I posted our tentative itinerary. We have completed 2 to 5 and tomorrow we will do another short 130 mile drive to Stephen Foster State Park #6 in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. We have been here several times before. It a nice place to paddle your canoe in the large blackwater lakes filled with Cyprus trees.
You can do longer overnight trips here with a permit and put your tent on the platforms they build along the canoe trails, but we just like to do day trips and return to our nice RV.
Hopefully the cold spell will kill most of the mosquitos. All the other times we have been here have been in January or later and there has never been any.
I don’t know if we will make it to Ocean Pond #7 in Osceola NF  by Thanksgiving or not.

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